​​​​​​​At Chan Eye Care, PLLC, we believe in making eye care accessible to all. This is why we made the effort to offer products and services suitable for all customers. Your eye health is tied to your overall well-being, after all, so you should be mindful of your eyes at any age. With our products and services, we can take care of a wide range of eye problems, providing you with vision correction solutions that will best suit you.

Eye Care Services in Norfolk

Chan Eye Care, PLLC knows the importance of personalized care so we start off our customers with a comprehensive eye exam. Having a clear grasp of your eyes’ current condition is crucial because it allows us to recommend the right eye care solutions for you, especially if you’re diagnosed with an eye disease.

We understand that going to the eye doctor can appear intimidating but Chan Eye Care, PLLC urges you to set your worries aside and focus on the benefit of getting your eyes checked. It is simply not true that a visit to the eye doctor is reserved for those who need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Even when you haven’t seen an eye doctor in a while, just come! We’d rather that you come see us late than never at all.

Eye Care You Can Rely On

At Chan Eye Care, PLLC, it is our mission to help you see the world better. We have been committed to helping customers achieve their best vision since 2010 and will continue to do so in the coming years, passionate about providing only quality eye care products and services to those in Norfolk and the surrounding communities.

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